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Model : TIMI EC-110


* 15 digit, Auto paper clamp
* 1 currency option Power supply: 220v 50Hz/60Hz
* Power consumption: Min 3.5w Max 22w
* Temperature: -5°c to 45°c
* Humidity: 20% - 80%


* EC-110 cheque writer is easy to operate like calculator with elegant outline and delicate printing that provides quick and accurate effectiveness.
* EC-110 cheque writer is easy-To-Read display by BIG LCD that reduces human mistake.
* By touching the Clear ( C ) key to delete data.
* Repeatable printing for same amount.
* The sign of RM, DAN, SEN and comma can be printed respectively.
* EC-110 cheque writer come with special structure of printing and waterproof ink that prevents amount alteration/deceit.
* The printing position of cheque can be adjusted at your convenience (for personal cheque or company cheque)

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